The first week back after the holidays and Primary have dived straight back into their learning – from exploring Museums to drafting stories, biographies and non-chronological reports to calculating the surface area ratio and the volume ratio of 3D shapes – Primary has been abuzz with inspirational and challenging activities.

Year 1 really enjoyed their school trip to the Shanghai Children’s Museum. All of the children were great ambassadors for the school as they explored the museum: diving into caves aboard a submarine to look at all of the marine life, sailing a boat through stormy seas to a desert island and blasting off into space to investigate the planets. Children also enjoyed working collaboratively with their parents to make their own junk models as they kicked off their new topic about big machines.

Year 2 has seen children begin writing instructions to make their own sandwich ready for when their parents visit the classroom next week. They have linked topic sessions to artistic drawings of sandwiches whilst learning the correct units to be used when measuring mass in mathematics.

Year 3 have been gaining further understanding of place value, whilst also developing their rounding skills. In English, they have been reading and exploring the features within a story and developing their use of speech marks. The children have been very excited to create their own characters and start to plan and draft their own adventure story based in Egypt!

Year 4 have gathered and organised research on their World Leader to draft a biography; using a range of impressive features such as bullet points, subtitles, captions, subordinate conjunctions and fronted adverbials in their writing. Linking to their Art lessons, they used ICT to create a template for their campaign poster in the style of Obama’s ‘Hope’ poster designed by artist Shepard Fairey. Using a print block, they then carved their designs, experimenting with different inks and surfaces for their initial prints.

Year 5 have continued their non-chronological reports about the Jabberwocky. In Humanities, the children have explored carnivorous plants in the rainforests, and how they trap and kill their prey. Whilst in science, the children have been dissecting a flower in order to identify and label its various parts.

Year 6 have rapidly got to grips with expressing scale factors of mathematically similar shapes as ratios in preparation for their visit to the Maritime Museum next Tuesday. Many of the children have even begun to look at the surface area ratio and volume ratio of mathematically similar 3D shapes - what amazing students we have here at Britannica!

Miss Mustoe
Head of Primary