This week all the Primary pupils have been really enjoying and engaging with the Mangahigh Maths competition and also loved dressing up in clothes from their home country to celebrate our diversity across the school.

Year 1 are thoroughly enjoying their Big Machines topic and have been extending and building upon their vocabulary to create powerful sentences using adjectives and nouns. The children have used their wonderful junk modelling machine creations to inspire their writing. The change in weather and season has complemented their Science lessons beautifully as they have been exploring the changes in nature around us.

The excitement hit a climax in Year 2 today as the much-anticipated sandwich making day had arrived! Throughout the week the children had carefully edited their instructions and put the finishing touches to their 3D sandwich drawings. Thank you to all the parents who came in, it was wonderful to see so many of you and all the children were thrilled to share their instructions with you about how to make a sandwich.

Year 3 have also been enjoying themselves in their learning this week with lots of progress happening across the curriculum! The main focus of English has been using speech and adverbs in order to make their writing more interesting and exciting for their readers. In Topic the children had lots of fun using clay to create their own hieroglyphics and in Science, the children have begun making their own cars which they will be testing in experiments very soon!

Year 4 have been developing their ideas for the World Leader Exhibition; exploring the features of speech writing in preparation for creating their own inspiring speeches. Linking to their topic they have been thinking about ‘The World Through A Microphone’ in Science as they investigate sound. They used instruments to investigate how sound is an energy, caused by vibrations, that creates waves.

Year 5 have been busy further developing their own splat games on Scratch and in Science have further enhanced their creative skills through their innovative storyboards to show the story of pollination. In humanities, they have also explored animals in the rainforest and their adaptations which help them to survive.

On Tuesday, Year 6 visited the Shanghai Maritime Museum. The exhibits were stunning and the children were inspired by the range and quality of the artefacts on display. Back in class, the children have been trying to find a ratio by which they could reduce the size of one of the largest ships to the size of a model they could construct on their tables! This was a lot of fun but not as much as the actual construction coming up soon!

Lastly, could I please take this opportunity to remind parents that children should be wearing the correct school uniform at school and also ensure that long hair is always tied back. Thank you for your support with this and have a lovely weekend.

Ms Mustoe
Head of Primary