Less than a month into this academic year and I am really pleased to see Primary pupils across all year groups working really hard and settling into their routines. This has been even more impressive with the start of our After School Activities this week as the children get used to new and exciting activities. The children have also been developing their skills across all subjects…

Year 1 have been enthused to create their own maps, use interactive on-line maps and begin to investigate the compass rose. They have also been Senses Detectives and needed to help Ella find her lost teddy bear through using their sense of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.

Year 2 have started their new topic on ‘Traditional Tales’; thinking carefully about settings and adjectives they can use to describe them. In Maths, the children have been comparing and balancing numbers, using a range of different resources to help them.

Year 3 have continued to develop their use of adjectives and verbs, whilst in Maths they have been working on place value, addition and times tables.

Year 4 have been developing their understanding of the features of an explanation text, writing with conjunctions, in present tense and creating opening and closing sentences. They can’t wait to apply this understanding into our own explanations of the water cycle next week.

In Year 5, children have had an opportunity to explore the uniforms worn by Roman soldiers and completed drama activities to further understand the emotion of Romulus and Remus. In Science, children have investigated which materials are electrical conductors.

Year 6 have been synthesising the information they’ve gathered about the Benin in order to create information texts to share on our corridor display. They have been busy making replica sacrificial artefacts and researched some amazing customs.

We look forward to seeing our Key Stage One parents at the parent teacher meetings next Wednesday.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Katherine Mustoe
Head of Secondary