Students in Primary have had another enjoyable and active week of learning – from making bread dough to building a Britannica Buzzwire Monster game! Read on to find out more…

Year 1 have been working learning some tricky words in English and have been exploring subtraction and taking away 1 digit numbers from numbers to 20. In Science, they have looked at the similarities and differences between animals to help classify them into groups. They have also been exploring different painters and developing a variety of techniques using watercolours and pastels.

Year 2 have been extending their learning under the umbrella of ‘Traditional Tales’ now looking into using the past tense to improve their sentences in addition to adjectives and expanded noun phrases. Mathematics has seen them look at adding and subtracting tens. Whilst in Topic, children had fun learning the origins of our food; and enjoyed making a mess by making bread dough to understand that the wheat crop is its source.

Year 3 have been gaining an understanding of conjunctions, verb tenses and working hard on their handwriting and presentation skills. Maths has been very busy too with work on column addition and subtraction. In Topic they have been researching different pharaohs ready for writing their own reports after the holidays!

Year 4 we have been bringing their River topic to a close by sharing and reflecting on their river models. In class, they have also been recreating a 3D map of the buildings observed on our Huangpu river cruise. Come and see their finished projects on display very soon!

Year 5 have finished their story writing relating to Romulus and Remus. The children worked really well to draft their own versions, using drama as a key tool to create dialogue and emotions for their writing. In Maths, they have continued with their geometry unit, focusing on 3D shapes and identifying them from 2D nets, using rectangle facts to solve problems and sorting regular vs irregular polygons. In Science, the children have investigated dissolving, and explored how heat affects this.

Over the past 6 weeks, the Year 6 classes have been learning about electricity and electrical circuits. This week, 6B were tasked with building a Britannica Buzzwire Monster game to consolidate and apply their knowledge of electrical circuits. Their objective was to design, plan and build an electrical circuit with a buzzer and lightbulb, which would connect to a metal Britannica Monster. One group, in particular, surpassed expectations and successfully connected circuit components in parallel. The groups displayed great collaboration and problem-solving skills and successfully completed their task. Great job 6B. Next up, 6A!

Also, a polite reminder as it starts to get cooler that children should be wearing school jumpers at school. You can buy these from the uniform shop every Monday or from the following link:

Lastly, we had another successful parent-teacher meeting on Wednesday with our Key Stage 2 parents and I would like to thank all parents for your support this half term. On behalf of all the Primary staff, I hope you and your families have a relaxing holiday and we look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Monday 7th October.

Ms Mustoe
Head of Primary