This week Primary has seen some very impressive pyramids spring up in the Year 3 corridor and Year 2 pupils buying a wide range of fruit and vegetables, including the biggest carrot and smallest pumpkin we have ever seen! Read on to find out more about what has been happening in Primary this week.

Year 1 have begun their new English unit. They are reading the story of 'Knuffle Bunny' by Mo Willems in class and have discussed what might happen if they lost their favourite toy. They have also written a lost poster to help them find their toy! In Mathematics, the children have been learning how to subtract using mathematical equipment, they have learnt some of the different synonyms for subtraction and discovered that subtraction is the opposite of addition. The children have also made fantastic pop art portraits in Art.

It has been a wonderful return to school for Year 2 with a trip to Fuzhong vegetable market. They all thoroughly enjoyed looking at and identifying different fruit and vegetables. They carefully selected the vegetables they wanted to buy and were all very keen to use their Chinese when buying. A fair amount of bartering occurred and all the children were thrilled with what they had purchased and were eagerly looking forward to eating it when they got home.

In Year 3 it has been wonderful to see so many impressive Egyptian pyramids be brought into school as children have completed some extra home learning as part of their Egyptian topic. The results have been so creative! In English, the children have been researching and starting to draft a detailed non-chronological report about Ancient Egypt, whilst in Maths they have been working hard on being able to use and understand the column method for subtraction.

Year 4 have begun their new topic: World Leaders. They began to think about what they already know about leadership and the leaders in our community. It was then time to put their leadership skills to the test with a Leadership Training Workshop. Through a variety of activities, they developed their communication, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, listening and resilience.

Year 5 have separated mixtures in Science, focusing on filtration, sieving, evaporation and magnetic attraction to do this. In English, they have begun a unit on reports, focusing on an event in Roman history, while in Maths, they have begun studying multiplication and division. They have been busy finding factor pairs, multiples and been able to solve problems. In Topic, they have continued to create their Roman shields.

In Year 6 the children have begun a unit in English about outsiders. They have considered what it would feel like to be an outsider and have explored some images from a book to predict and justify what they think might happen before we read it next week.

Ms Mustoe
Head of Primary