This week some of our Key Stage One and Reception children have been involved with an exciting and creative paper art workshop. They worked collaboratively with their parents to create some wonderful handmade pieces using recycled paper and flowers. We eagerly await the finished framed pieces to return to school and the chance for some of our Key Stage 2 children to take part in a different creative art workshop next week.

Read on to find out what else has been happening in Primary this week…

Year 1 have delved even deeper into the story of ‘Knuffle Bunny’, creating their own amazing sentences using nouns, adjectives and verbs and remembering to always use ‘The Big 5’. In Maths they have been looking at ordering events, working together in groups to create their own class calendar.

Year 2 have been chopping, squishing, smelling and tasting this week! As part of their topic ‘Staying Healthy’, Year 2have been exploring herbal remedies - particularly drawing on our learning about Mary Seacole. The classrooms smelt beautiful after they had explored different combinations of lemongrass, okra, lemon, and ginger.

In Year 3 the remaining children who did not go on the trip last week visited Sproutworks. Everyone was thrilled by the fun yet focused activities making different food concoctions. Year 3 has also been abuzz with rehearsals and dramas as they prepare for their assemblies. Year 3A led an inspiring assembly about reading to the rest of Key Stage Two.

Year 4 have been developing their understanding of subordinate conjunctions and fronted adverbials to re-write the biography of Malala Yousafzai. In Maths, they have now completed their unit on time. The children have also really enjoyed using ICT to investigate different leaders in topic lessons, in preparation for researching their chosen leaders next week.

Year 5 have completed and printed their newspaper reports into the murder of Remus. They have also begun their new topic focus – Rainforests – and learned about the chocolate production from bean to bar. The children are very excited to visit the Zotter Chocolate Factory next week to see the process in action.

In Year 6 the children have started to think about fraction and decimal equivalents – using known facts to calculate new ones. For the children who were able to apply this knowledge very quickly, a very tricky challenge was set, how will you fare with the challenge?

'2/9 of the people on a restaurant are adults. If there are 95 more children than adults, how many children are there in the restaurant?'

Ms Mustoe
Head of Primary