It was wonderful to see Secondary students arriving back after their half term holiday full of enthusiasm and vigour.

While walking around the school this week I have observed several highly creative and innovative lessons being delivered by the Secondary teaching staff.

In Science; Sixth form students used their iPhones and basic science apparatus to convert their phone camera into a fully working microscope and in KS3 students became hands on and built their own electronic buzzer game using their own circuit designs.

In ICT and Computer Science, students have been learning about web design, basic programming and the advanced features of media editing software.

With our new one to one laptop policy in place we would like to offer an opportunity for all parents to learn more about online safety, both at home and in school, and what measures can be put in place to ensure our students are using technology responsibly.

On Monday, 28th October, Mr Bell Director of Technology will deliver an online safety workshop to parents from 14:00-15:00 in the school theatre. Your attendance at this informative event would be hugely appreciated.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have had to cancel the upcoming visit from HKPoly University. I will write to all parents throughout the term as other university visits arise.

Finally, I would like to give advance notice to all parents of students in Years 7-10. Term 1 assessment week will happen on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th October. Teachers have been busy uploading resources to Canvas to help aid with revision and exam preparation. Should you have any questions about these examinations please contact your child’s form tutor.

Paul Farrell
Vice Principal and Head of Secondary