Well done to all students who entered the Britannica Winter Art Competition. With over 160 entries from across the school, it was wonderful to see the students enjoy demonstrating their amazing art skills. Ms Christoforatou, Ms Quinn and Ms Moreton had a difficult choice judging the winners with such high quality artworks on show.

We are pleased to announce:

KS1 Winner

Cheng Yu Yang 2E

KS1 Runner Ups

Victor Zhu 2E
Nahyun Lee 2E

KS2 Winner

Ji Seong Jeong 5A

KS2 Runner Ups

Myra Tzaran 3A
Rina Yim 3C

Secondary Winner

Tharanie Guruge Year 8

Secondary Runner Up

Annie Lee Year 10

Our overall winning entry goes to Cheng YuYang in 2E and his magical depiction of the northern lights across the winter scene. Cheng Yu’s artwork will be used to celebrate our up-coming winter concerts.

We would also like to give special mention to the following students for their highly commended entries: Lynn Choi 1A, MelindaTan 1B, Shawn Law 1B, Yumin Park 1C, Rinad Almajidi 1D, Audrey Hu 2A, Yong Joon Cho 2A, Marco Cai 2A,Andrew Cho 2C, Anthony Jang 2C, Renee Zhang 2C, Kevin Hu 2C, Jun Liu 2D, Jae YoolKim 2D, Anastasiia Savytska 2E, Matthew Liu 2E, Yuki Huang 2E, Angelina Asaulenko 3A, Yejun Jang 3B, Na Yul Kim 4A,Olivia Lee 4B, Oscar Tong 4B, Chanelle Lee 4B, Sua Park 4B, Dannil Savytskyi 5A,Oscar Cho 5A, Chad Loo 5A, Biah Kim 5B, Helen Kang 5B and In Seong Jeong Year 7.

All entries will be displayed outside the school theatre from this week. Thank you to all students for your amazing contribution to the school.