This term in Year 4 we have been learning all about Rivers. Linking their learning across subjects we have performed the text ‘A River’ by Marc Martin, explored the features of river systems, investigated the changing state of matter in the water cycle and written an explanation of the water cycle in English.

To bring our learning to life we visited Huangpu, where we took a cruise along the river and made observational sketches. Developing our understanding of settlements along rivers, it was fascinating to begin seeing the history of The Bund through the buildings observed.

Back in the classroom we have sequenced the buildings of Huangpu on a timeline, developed inference skills using photos from the past, explored how rivers effect our lives and recreated a 3D map of the Huangpu area. Come take a look at our learning through the video below!

Alternatively, click here to watch the video on Youku, if you are not able to access the Youtube video above.