Student Art Work

  • Year 12
Year 12 Yi Meng Sylvia Wang
Year 12_Yi Meng (Sylvia) Wang
  • Year 8
  • Year 5 _ Exploring the work of Paul Signac
  • Year 3 _ Working on patterns - reflective symmetry

Year 5 - Annotation

Year 3

  • Maths
  • Reading
Reading at home
  • English
English work Brian Kim

Year 2

  • Coral Reef
  • English

This term Year 2 are looking at oceans and sea life. They have made some wonderful ocean scenes and also put together a report about the parts of the shark. Here are some selected works from different Year 2 classes.

  • Phoenics
Jacobs phonics - Year 2 at Britannica
  • Maths
Janes maths
  • Plastic Pollution Artwork
  • Year 2 on Zoom

Year 1

  • Art

In Year 1 Art this term, our theme is landscapes and cityscapes. Each week the students have been using various mediums to create beautiful pieces of artwork. This week, we learnt about Metzinger who made landscape pictures using the mosaic technique and then asked the children to make their own mosaic collage.

  • 1D on Zoom
1 D on Zoom