Dear Parents,

Concord Music hopes that during this challenging time, we are still able to help our students to maintain their interest in music and instrumental study, as we believe music has its unique power to deliver consolation, hope and warmth that enables us to walk through ups and downs in life

Concord Music is pleased to announce that we are ready to upgrade our programme and have made our online music learning lessons available to all our Britannica-Concord students.

Learning an instrument requires passion, consistency and persistence. It could also turn into one of your life-time practices and passions.

With our online learning programme via ClassIn App, we are now able to resume the 1-on-1 instrument lessons, and our teachers are fully prepared to offer support at their best for our students’ learning. By the end of March, we will also have had a variety of interesting online music courses available to further expand your child’s instrument learning, such as theory lessons, intensive course for sight-reading and parent-child instrument lessons, etc. These are aimed to continue the interest of music at home

For students who have already registered for our 2019 - 2020 Spring Term Individual Instrument Learning, they can consider to begin their lessons immediately through our Online Learning Program. We are ready to assist you to embark on your music e-learning journey.

For course scheduling, registration and any other inquiries, please feel free to contact any one of the following course coordinators:

  • Music teacher, Emma Quinn:
  • Concord Administrative Scheduling Assistant: / Wechat (ID: concordmusicadmin )