In addition to the return of students in Year 8, Year 9, Year 11 and Year 12, we are excited to see all other students from Year 4 and above also return back to school today.

To ensure a healthy and safe teaching-learning environment for all students and staff, we remind parents and students, before entering the school, to carefully review the policy on health screening and enhanced hygiene and health precautions that the school has previously shared.

We will update parents as soon as we have re-opening dates for younger year groups.

Again, welcome back to school and enjoy the long-awaited in-class activities and classmate reunions!

What has happened today

  • Upon students' arrival
  • Class activities

Year 4 Maths Class

Year 4 English Class

Year 4 Mandarin Class

Year 5 Maths Class

Year 5 PE Class

Year 6 History Class

Year 7 Business Class

Year 8 Spanish Class

Year 10 Art Class

Year 11 Physics Class