KS 3 Science

Year 8 are doing some presentations tomorrow in period 5 and 6. I will take skem pictures and send them through.

In Science this week KS3, Years 7 through 9 have been furthering their learning in different scientific areas. Year 7 have been hard at work investigating how current behaves in series circuits when voltage and circuit components are changed.

Year 8 have been finishing a mini project where they have been exposed to the idea of flipped learning. In pairs, the students needed to research a specific body system, produce an informative poster and present it all to their peers.

In Year 9, we have continued look at microbes and pathogens with a particular focus on how our bodies react once an "intruder has entered the building." Well done to all!

Secondary PE

What a great couple of weeks it has been for our secondary students in PE. Throughout all year groups, everyone has been working extremely hard in their respective sports, whether this be developing their skills in our Invasion Games Unit of work, to developing the different strokes and improving their times in swimming, to also learning how to lead healthy active lifestyles in our Health-Related Exercise Unit of work, it’s been an action packed few weeks to say the least.

What’s more, we have also seen the return of our HABITS bands. These are PE rewards which we award to students once a week for those who have stood out above the rest. HABITs awards include Hard Work (Giving 100% Effort), Activeness (Participating in activities with good attitude), Boldness (Not be afraid to fail), Tolerance (Treating others with respect), Support (Aims to improve together), Integrity (Showing good sportsmanship).

To date these students have been awarded the following awards:

Hard Work – Jaymin (8), Steven (9).

Activeness – Taeyeon (9), Leonardo (9).

Boldness – Aimee (8), Hayden (7).

Tolerance – Rachel (7), Larysa (9).

Integrity – Anna (8), Kitty (9).

Support – Yonatan (7), Elavi (7), Eric (7).

Well done to these students, and to the rest of secondary keep working hard in order to be in for a chance to win one of these special awards.

Furthermore, we also seen some of our secondary students take part in the first Swim Meet of the year. The students who took part had been training extremely hard for the event and this showed on the day due to the outstanding timings that was produced.

The secondary students involved in the swim meet were the following:

Chad (6A), James (6B), Oceanus (6B), Mirei (6B), Elavi Schreier, Santiago (7), Hayden (7), Larysa (7), Olympia (8), Alexis (9), Ian (9), Santiago (10), Jerell (10), Kevin (10), Annie (11), Isaac (11), O’Ching (12).

These students performed astoundingly and they should feel extremely proud of their efforts as I know for certain we all are at Britannica.

Overall, its been a really busy term for our secondary students in PE and I look forward to seeing what further improvements are made as the weeks progress.

Well done once again secondary and keep up the excellent work.

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