Mock Examinations
I would like to congratulate all of our Year 11, 12 and 13 students on the completion of their final set of formal examinations this academic year. The results of these examinations, alongside previous assessment data, are being prepared and will be submitted to the examination boards for consideration. We look forward to reporting on the outcome of this submission and the final results of our students in August

Year 11 Project
Starting next week our Year 11, soon to be Year 12 students, will begin their personal projects. These projects are fully embedded into our Canvas VLE and have been created by Mr Bell, Director of Educational Technology. Key skills such as creating a cv, writing personal statements and managing their digital footprint responsibly will be taught and explored. We are looking to extend this course to other year groups in the new academic year.

Student Blog
I hope you have all had the opportunity to read our first student blog article which was released on the topic of the outbreak of COVID-19 and Britannica’s response. This was a fantastic piece of journalism, researched and written entirely by three of our Secondary students.

The team, led by Raphael in Year 12, Editor in Chief have already started preparing for the next article, which I look forward to sharing with you.

Student School Tour
Please look out for Britannica’s first student-led virtual tour being released this Tuesday. The video was planned, filmed and directed by our own students. The video gives a brief snapshot of the facilities and some of the fantastic educational opportunities available at Britannica. The students even decided to edit some of the bloopers into the main footage, it is definitely worth watching!

PE Hot Weather
Polite reminder to ensure your child has their own water bottle with them at school each day. As the temperature has been high over the past few days it is essential students are able to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the day, particularly when in their PE lessons.

Science Fair Update
This morning when walking around the Secondary school I visited Mr Linsell’s science lab where he was working with some students on their individual projects.

I was most impressed by the investigation being performed by William in Year 8. William is investigating the effect different genres of music have on plant growth. With an elaborate setup of 5 plant samples, 5 headphones embedded in the soil and 5 iPads to provide the music, the results are already very interesting. As it stands the sample being exposed to traditional Chinese music has grown significantly. Over the next couple of days, William will record the progress of each sample and then upload his results and findings to the student-created Science Fair website.

This website will be launched soon with the voting page open and ready for you to choose your winners.

Paul Farrell
Principal Designate and Head of Secondary