After our wonderful Sports Day with parents, it has been a pleasure for the EYFS teachers to be able to spend more time with parents this week during our Parent-Teacher meetings. Sharing the progress each child has made with parents is a key element of collaboration between home and school, ensuring together your child can grow in their learning. I hope you found your meeting insightful and useful in knowing your child’s next steps.

In class, each year group has begun their final topics of the year. Pre-Nursery are exploring ‘Transport’, Nursery are enjoying learning about ‘Holidays and Summer’, while Reception are taking a splash learning all about ‘Water’. Do take a look at how each year group commenced their journeys into the new topic.

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years


The story ‘The Big Red Bus’ by Judy Hindley has captivated the Pre-Nursery as they have begun their new topic on ‘Transport’. In the story, a bus gets stuck in a hole in the road, and everyone then gets stuck behind the bus! Through the book, we have been learning the names of different modes of transports, such as ‘van, car, motorbike and tipper truck’, while enjoying singing the tune ’The Wheels on the bus’ as a class. Pre-Nursery has particularly liked the key phrases ‘Oh No!’, ‘Stop’ and ‘Help’ from the story as we shouted them loud to make sure each mode of transport does not bump into each other.

It has been wonderful to see the children develop their imaginations this week as we have role-played being bus drivers and getting on and off the bus. During our imaginative play, Pre-Nursery have been using the phrases ‘Ticket please’ as we have joined together on the Pre-Nursery Bus.

Our highlight this week has been visiting our buses in school. Yes, that’s right! Pre-Nursery went on an adventure to the school car park to see the school bus in person. We looked at the different parts of it, identified it was a different colour to the bus in the story and then sat on the bus for a sing-song. Pre-Nursery loved this adventure!


Nursery have travelled the world to exotic places this week with Peppa! We enjoyed discussions about different modes of transport and why we might take a holiday.

The children were fascinated with the sights and sounds of desert winds over sand dunes, lively creatures of the flourishing jungle and the snow-capped mountains some of us choose to climb. We enjoyed small world play identifying arctic animals and helping scorpions to find cool places in the desert sands.

Nursery retold the weeks' story adventures using props representing our destinations and enjoyed making their desert cactus using green blocks and kinetic sand.

Together we flew toy planes around the globe and located China and the different countries we come from. There was enjoyment as the children looked at the world map and talked about the different ways, we could travel from place to place. Using string, we measured distance on maps and wondered how long it might take for our chosen journey.

Choosing a hot destination, Nursery sang along to "Walking in the Jungle" and enjoyed painting a desert landscape. The children wrote name tags for their luggage as we prepared for our journey of discovery this term all about holidays and the Summer season.


It’s been a very busy week for Reception. We have dived into our water topic, learning all about the different ocean zones. We learnt how the deeper the ocean gets, the darker it gets and the less marine life you can find. We also learnt about the different methods of crossing water, including tunnels and hovercrafts, and had a go at making our own boats!

In phonics, we continued learning our sounds and tricky word, using them in our writing to make short sentences about how old we were last year and how old we are now.

In Maths, we focused on 2D shapes. We are now great at naming all the different 2D shapes and can count and describe their different sides using words like straight, flat, curvy and round.