This week Mr O’Brien, Head of Secondary, and I have had the pleasure of meeting with Year 5 and 6 parents to explain about the move to the year above and how we are getting the students ready for Secondary. It has been really nice to meet with parents back on school grounds and as you will be aware we have arranged lots of opportunities for you to come into school in the coming weeks, including our Parent Teacher meetings the week beginning 24th May. Our series of Parent Workshops began today as well; our Year 2 teachers were explaining how parents can support their child with reading in lots of different and engaging ways.

This week has been ‘Yoga and Mindfulness’ week across the school. The children have enjoyed learning how to be more mindful and present and have especially enjoyed learning different yoga poses and trying these out in assemblies. Next week we look forward to taking part in our Sports Days and hope to see many of you there to cheer, clap and participate!

Also this week…

Year 1 have been finding the difference between values of money in Maths and deepening their understanding to tell the time. Whilst in English, the children have learnt about speech marks and have written some fantastic dialogues between two characters.

Year 2 have delved deeper into the world of Anthony Browne and explored his wonderful book “The Night Shimmy”. They looked at extending their sentences using subordinate clauses and a range of conjunctions. The children really enjoyed using images from the text to sequence and retell the story; making it come to life with actions!

Meanwhile, Year 3 have been learning all about different types of rocks in Topic. They have carried out a range of observations and experiments to help them categorise rocks by their features and have learned the difference between how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed.

Year 4 have been investigating annual AQI levels of cities around the world as part of their Topic lessons about Sustainability. They then used their impressive knowledge of Microsoft Excel to present this data in graphs.

Whilst Year 5 have recapped and further developed their multiplication and division skills by answering challenging reasoning and problem-solving questions. They have also finished their spooky short stories and are in the final stages of editing and writing up; we are looking forward to hearing some!

And finally, Year 6 are currently putting the final touches to the web design collaboration project with History before we publish their work to the world. They have greatly enjoyed this project, delivering outstanding work not only in the web design but also in the theoretical research.

Katherine Mustoe

Vice-Principal and Head of Primary