Exam Revision Tips

Our Secondary students will soon be sitting examinations. For the Year 7 - 10s this means End of Term examinations whilst the Year 11 - 13s will sit their IGCSE/ A Level Mock examinations. There is no secret to exam success - it is all in the preparation. However, when revising it is important to ask yourself two questions:

How can I improve my knowledge and understanding of the topic?

How can I improve my ability to show my knowledge in an exam?

The best results will be achieved if you aim to improve both your subject knowledge and your exam performance. Just reading through your books or notes is not an effective way to revise. There are different ways to revise (see photos) and often a student will settle on a preferred method. Have a look, which one suits you best? Form Tutors will also send revision guidance with the weekly email. The Secondary specialists are always on hand to guide our students through these important assessments; however, the real work must come from the students themselves.