As we approach the half way mark of the academic year, I would like to say just how proud I have been of our secondary students in PE. Throughout every year group, every single student has been working extremely hard in their respective sports, whether this be developing their tactical awareness, techniques, skills and team work in our Net/Wall Games Unit of work, to beating their personal bests in running, jumping and throwing in our Athletics unit of work, to also developing their different swimming strokes in the pool, it’s been a fun filled few weeks to say the least.

What’s more, we have continued with our HABITS bands. Students have been pushing themselves in lessons in order to get those bands. It’s nice to see so many pictures of our secondary students being placed on the HABITS wall within the school. Well done to the students who have managed to claim a HABITS band already this year, and to the rest of secondary please keep working hard in order to be in for a chance to win one of these special awards.

Furthermore, we will also see some of our secondary students take part in the 2nd Round of Swim Meets next week. The students taking part have been training extremely hard for the event and I look forward to seeing what results we will walk away with. I’m expecting a lot of personal best times to be broken next Wednesday.

Overall, it has once again been a really busy term for our secondary students in PE and I look forward to seeing what further improvements are made in the 2nd half of the academic year.

Well done once again secondary and keep up the excellent work.

Media Studies

This week Year 7, 8 and 9 have moved on from Media Studies and are now beginning their drama course. Year 7 have been using physical activities, games, as well as small scripts, in order to develop the idea of working as an ensemble. Year 8 have been reading Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge, using physical activities to analyse the character of Eddie, and Year 9 have begun reading Face: The Play, while working in small groups to understand the idea of actors working in unison.

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