Last Friday 11th June we held a Leaver's Dinner at the W Hotel to celebrate the end of school for our Year 13 graduates. Finishing school is milestone in everyone's life and, although graduation is not usually an extravagant affair in British schools, it is only right that we recognise their achievement. The door on this chapter of their life closes but, hopefully, a new and exciting chapter opens for them. As teachers we strongly agree that education is a key that can open the door to future opportunities, and we wish them every success with their next steps in life.
Even though the graduates are off to pastures new Britannica will always be a home that welcomes them back. It will always be a pleasure to hear from them and to see them come back to visit.

Anthony O'Brien

Head of Secondary


KS3 and Year 10 are now coming to the end of their studies of Shakespeare. Year 7, 9 and 10 have been focussed on the tragedies of 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Macbeth' and 'Othello' respectively, while Year 8 have been focussing their attention on the comedy of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. All students have done exceptionally well in the development of their analysis and comprehension and have now started to use the conventions of the genre to create. Year 8 will conclude their study with the creation and performance of their very own Shakespearean comedies and I am very much looking forward to watching these. Further, the secondary students have been engaged in an 'Extreme Reading and Riveting Recommendations' competition to encourage a variation in books read by the student body.

Eloise Phillips

Head of English


Denaturing of meat in acidic liquid, the efficacy of different hand sanitizers, water filtration systems and homemade soap! These are just a few exciting KS3 student-led projects. Year 7 to 9 have been focusing on completing their Science and Engineering Fair projects. The past few weeks have been filled with successes and failures. It has been inspiring to observe the diligence of all the groups with how methodical they have been in following their procedures. However, most inspirational of all has been the resilience of the students where many have had to reflect on failed experiments, redesign procedures and redo experiments. All the students are currently building their project websites that will exhibit their work and will be voted on for the competition element of the Science Fair.

Ian Linsell

Science Department