Wow! This week has been an especially busy and exciting one in Primary – we had our first trips take place, more workshops and activities with parents and even a special visitor to reinforce the importance of kindness - to name just a few of the wonderful things happening!

Today, Year 3 visited the Botanical Gardens and compared the differences between doing exercise at school and somewhere in the open air and discussed how this made them feel. They also looked at the variety of plants at the gardens and noted the different types of soils as well.

Yesterday, Year 1 visited ChengFeng Park where they submerged under the water and enjoyed identifying all the different marine life in the aquarium.

Year 4 and 5 were treated to a workshop about kindness and how our actions have an impact on other people and that we all have something positive to offer each other and our communities.

We also celebrated ‘World Music Day’ in assembly on Thursday and enjoyed some fantastic performances from some of our children and teachers!

On Wednesday, Year 4 visited the Botanical Gardens which gave the children a chance to enrich their learning about sustainability. The damp weather did not dampen the children’s enthusiasm as they excitedly explored the grounds. The biome greenhouses were a particular source of curiosity and amazement.

Also on Wednesday, Year 5 parents came to school and learnt more about how to support and extend their children’s understanding with inferencing and questioning in reading. Year 3 parents also had the opportunity to find out more about how to support their child with reading and Year 4 parents joined their children to build and design an electric racing car before racing them to see who’s was the fastest and most unique car!

Meanwhile in Year 6, students have been looking at the physical processes affecting the formation of mountains. Additionally, they analysed the human and environmental issues that are posing increasingly significant challenges to mountainous regions and the wider world. This unit has served as a transition into the expectations and demands of the Key Stage Three curriculum where the areas of Human, Environmental and Physical Geography will form the central analytical focus. The students have applied themselves really well and made good progress throughout the unit.

Whilst, Year 2 completed some observational drawings of trees and plants around the school grounds earlier this week and are looking forward to their trip next week to the Sculpture Park where they will continue to explore observational drawing.

Katherine Mustoe

Vice-Principal and Head of Primary