Britannica International is proud to share news of outstanding IGCSE examination results. Our Year 11 students have worked tirelessly over the past two years. Their determination and relentless work ethic, has resulted in the best results in the school’s history.

This year’s results have shown a large improvement in all measurable categories since the last formal sitting of IGCSE examinations, with the percentage of students achieving A*-A, A*-C and A*-E all increasing.

Perhaps most notably, 50% of our students achieved A* or A grades in all of their subjects, an incredible 30% increase on previous results.

The Year 11 cohort produced the following average results.

In addition to this incredible achievement by the whole group, there were some fantastic individual successes.

In addition to the success of our Year 11 students, Britannica International ensures all students are given personal attention, challenged and supported to meet their personal needs. One way we do this is to identify and prepare our Year 10 students to sit IGCSE examinations, one year earlier than expected.

Our Year 10 students achieved 100% pass rate in IGCSE English and Spanish, with 67% achieving A* or A grades.

This is a wonderful achievement for our students and the Britannica community are very proud of all they have accomplished. I would like to once again express my gratitude to the teachers for their hard work, care and resilience.
Principal, Mr. Paul Farrell