Today we had a wonderful time coming together and competing in our fantastic House sports event – there was lots of fun, House points and smiles! Our assemblies this week have also focused on our third school value; Responsibility, and it was wonderful to see students displaying such responsible attitudes as they completed the activities and moved between stations. We have also considered that as well as being responsible for ourselves and our belongings we are also responsible for our friends, families and wider communities and recognized the importance of charity work and fundraising, such as ‘jeans for genes day’ that we celebrated yesterday.

This week students have also been completing their GL assessments in English, Maths and for some, Science as well. These assessments are useful for teachers to more formally identify areas that individuals have found difficult and those which they have mastered. We will use these to further refine and adapt our planning and teaching to ensure that every student is appropriately challenged and supported to achieve.