What a wonderful week we have had in EYFS as we learnt about our roles as Global Citizens through Sustainability Week. The children enjoyed learning about how we can recycle and all enjoyed making nature cookies. We celebrated World Wildlife Day yesterday, and children in EYFS learnt about conservation, sponsoring a tiger which they decided to name ‘Koola’.

During the week the children worked to make some beautiful outfits that were showcased during this morning’s Trashion Show. It was fantastic to welcome so many parents into school for the show this morning and also into class to work alongside them making a sustainable craft; we hope that you enjoyed the morning too!

This week Pre-Nursery have had lots of fun through the rhyme ‘3 Blind Mice’. Our main focus was the number 3, learning all about mice. Whilst learning the rhyme Pre-Nursery focused on learning the key vocabulary ‘three, mice, blind, run, knife,’ and through using actions and props Pre-Nursery joined in with the rhyme and expressed themselves while singing. They have learnt about the simple features of a mouse and worked together to place them in the correct place on a mouse template. As there are 3 mice in our rhyme, we have had fun exploring the number 3 through counting actions, matching three pieces of cheese to the mice and also going on a 3 blind mice hunt around our classroom! This week we have also been learning about Sustainability. We have learnt about where a mouse lives and had a go at making a house for a mouse. We also had lots of fun making our costumes for the trashion show.

Nursery had a wonderful start to the week as Nature Detectives as we launched our 'Sustainability Week,' we collected leaves and sticks in our Eco Garden that we used in our crafts throughout the week whilst considering our impact on the world.

We thought about woodlands and read the story of ‘Owl Babies.’ We talked about how the owls felt during different parts of the story and using a selection of natural materials made a new bed for the owls! Nursery class also used recycled materials to make their very own owls which you can see beautifully displayed hanging in our Art Room!

Thank you to all parents who brought in some useful garbage this week! This was used to make the lovely Reception outfits displayed during the Trashion Show. This week we have focused on sustainability and what it means. We tried to create an awareness in Reception of how our planet needs our support and action in order to thrive. We talked about the importance of flourishing forests, water, clean air, garbage and recycling. We discussed ways to reduce our footprint on a daily basis and suggested creating good habits, like turning off the tap as soon as we can and turning off the lights in rooms that are not being used. We also asked the children to use both sides of a paper.

Throughout the week we have also been reading ‘The Gruffalo’ which is one of Julia Donaldson’s most famous stories. Reception learned the Gruffalo song and re-told the story in their own words, using flashcards. They also started drawing their own imaginative Gruffalos, followed by making a 3D model of their fantasy creature.

In Maths we have been covering estimation. The children enjoyed the many different games and activities related to estimating. They challenged themselves by trying to estimate how many items would fit into a certain space or how many cubes they thought they saw when shown to them for a few seconds