It was wonderful to see all of the children in their costumes today. Today in EYFS the children enjoyed attending a spooky disco, made biscuits and took part in lots of themed activities that continued to spark curiosity.


This week Pre-Nursery have been reading the book Elmer. Elmer is a lovely story about a multicoloured elephant who lives happily among a grey herd. After he tries and fails to hide his true self, he learns that his friends love him for his uniqueness. The children have had lots of fun mixing colours to make new ones and working together to make a big colourful Elmer. To end our Elmer week Pre-Nursery baked elephant biscuits and decorated them to look like Elmer.


Nursery have finished off their Zoo topic this week by finding out about different bears. There were many unusual bears that we found out about with some funny names. The children liked hearing about a ‘Sun bear’ and a ‘Sloth bear’, but everybody’s favourite was a ‘Brown bear’.

We have been reading the story of ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ this week as part of Storytelling week. The children enjoyed joining in with the repeated phrases from this as well as the actions that accompany the story.

Nursery have been cutting different shapes out as part of their Maths learning and then using these to stick onto painted pumpkins to create some wonderful pumpkin faces.

A productive week for Nursery.


What amazing story tellers Reception are! We read the story of The Little Red Hen and the children retold the story using actions they chose. They presented the story to Nursery children who were very impressed. We would encourage your child to retell you the story at home.

In Literacy and Phonics, we extended The Little Red Hen story to other activities. The children were encouraged to repeat the story using different characters such as the fuzzy magical unicorn, encouraging imagination and use of adjectives. We reviewed all the letter sounds learnt so far, continued blending and revisited the Tricky Words.

In Maths, we recapped all that we have learnt so far, encouraging curiosity and exploration. We took learning outside, and the children created beautiful patterns from twigs, leaves, pebbles and acorns. They reviewed their positional language (prepositions) and compared lengths. We also continued practicing one more than and two more than a given value.

Next week we will begin our new topic, All Around the World, where we will look at different cultures, food and festivals.