We were delighted to welcome both the new and returning children into our Early Years for the start of a new academic year last week. The teachers have been extremely proud of how well the children have settled into their new class routines and it has been wonderful to see the friendships that have been formed already and the enthusiasm towards learning from the children.

This week in EYFS we explored Pirates and enjoyed taking part in some fun activities today, including making a delicious pirate boat snack using fruit. Next week we will begin our new class topics, information of these have been placed onto Tapestry.

We look forward to working collaboratively with parents throughout the year, ensuring that the children have a fun, exciting and inquisitive year of learning. Please see below what the learning that has taken place in each class.


This week in Pre-Nursery the children have been exploring the indoor and outdoor provision including painting, jigsaw puzzles, books, home corner and much more. The children were introduced to our daily behaviour expectations and children were encouraged to join in with our English and Mandarin carpet sessions. We played ‘me to you’ turn taking games that supports the children’s attention and listening skills with songs and instruments and a story about school. A great first full week in Pre-Nursery with lots of fun and new experiences.


This week in Nursery we have all been aboard a Pirate ship learning adventure where the children have continued to settle and become familiar with their new daily routines. All of the classroom activities have had a Pirate theme this week which has seen the children create some colourful pirate parrots, using various collage materials as well as counting gold coins in treasure chests. Outside the children have been using their balancing skills to ‘Walk the pirate plank’ and built a Pirate ship using crates and blocks.

The children have also been busy meeting all their new specialist teachers for PE, Music and in the Library. A wonderful busy week of settling and learning for Nursery.


What a wonderful first week we have had in Reception!

The children have been settling into their daily routines well and are continuing to explore the different areas in the classrooms and outdoor playgrounds. They have had a wonderful time listening to the pirate stories ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ and ‘Pirates in Pajamas’ and have answered questions about the stories as well as designed their own pirate pants! They challenged themselves to build pirate ships made of strawberries and bananas with very creative outcomes. They also painted and decorated their very own sparkly pirate telescopes!

This week we focused on oral language. The children were exposed to simple phrases and new action words. They enjoyed mixing, stirring, pouring, adding, and boiling different objects in our big pirate cauldron. They are also learning to listen for the letter sounds within short words and understand how to segment them. This can also be supported at home by asking children to sound out three letter words. This skill is very important and helpful for children before learning the letters and their phonetic sounds.

In Maths this week, we have been counting to 10 and beyond. The children have used Numicon and have demonstrated their knowledge of numbers, associating the number symbol with the correct quantity. They enjoyed their learning through number games using the interactive white board and used colourful paint and thick brushes to paint numbers, supporting their number formation skills.