The Physical Education program in Secondary is focusing on Athletics, Swimming and Net/Wall across various year groups this term. We are very proud of their efforts so far and have seen improvement in all areas.

The Britannica Knights program started off with our swimming Squad attending their third swim meet for the school year where they had the opportunity to compete against 6 other International Schools in Shanghai. They showed great character, technique, and sportsmanship during the event. Round 4 of the Shanghai Swimming League will be taking place on the March 11th and we wish our swimmers the best of luck.

The Ultimate Frisbee team played in heir first tournament for the year where they finished first in their division. Once again, great fitness, agility and teamwork was showcased on the day. The ultimate Frisbee players and swimmers should feel very proud of their achievements. There are still a few tournaments to look forward to this year and as the Physical Education Department we are very excited for our athlete to be able to participate.

The Secondary students have also been working hard to prepare for the Spring Sports Day events. We would like to congratulate the Red Phoenix house for winning today. Thank you to all the teachers, students and parents for your contribution and making it possible. Well done secondary, keep up the excellent work.

Sports day results:


1st – Red Phoenix – 518

2nd – Green Dragons – 501

3rd – Blue Lions – 315

4th – Yellow Tigers – 240

Overall results: (EYFS + KS1 + KS2 + Secondary)

1st – Red Phoenix – 2040

2nd – Blue Lions – 1847

3rd – Green Dragons – 1772

4th – Yellow Tigers – 1724