The children in Early Years have enjoyed the sunshine this week and spent much of their time exploring outdoors.

This week Pre-Nursery enjoyed being in the Eco Garden. We re-read the story Owl Babies and collected sticks to make our own owls. We used our puppet theatre to re- tell the story.

Nursery have been getting into the Halloween spirit this week after Friday’s Pumpkin Palooza. Our story this week has been ‘Room on a Broom’ and ‘Pumpkin Soup’ Everyone has enjoyed the idea of making magic spells and stirring cauldrons.

We also sang ‘Dem Bones’ this week and the children have been dancing and moving like skeletons! From this, we took our dancing into an Art project and constructed our own dancing Skeletons using various objects such as sticks, leaves and cotton buds. Some Spooky Spectacular Skeletons have been produced!

Reception enjoyed discovering the adventures of Leaf Man and at the beginning of the week the children used leaves to make a leaf man of their own before collaboratively working to create a Story Map to show the adventures that he went on.

We were very impressed with how the Reception children continued learning outside of the classroom whilst finding one more than a number and practicing their reading and writing of CVC words. We very much look forward to being back in class next week.