We hope this newsletter finds you well, as we gather to share the latest updates and highlights from Year 2 and Year 4. Our incredible children have continued to display the value of excellence in all areas of their learning.

In English, Year 2 have been engaged in exploring a new text called "The Bear and the Piano." They have been diving into the story, discovering new words and phrases, and expressing their thoughts through discussions and creative activities. We are thrilled to see their enthusiasm and love for reading and storytelling flourish!

In Mathematics, our Year 2 learners have been delving into the exciting world of adding and subtracting. They have been developing their mental math skills, problem-solving abilities, and building a solid foundation in this core subject. We are extremely proud of the progress they have made so far.

This term, we have continued to immerse ourselves in the fascinating realm of habitats. The children have been exploring different habitats by comparing them. It has been wonderful to see their curiosity and understanding grow as they uncover the wonders of the natural world.

The imagination of the Year 4 children has been caught this week through their ‘Hook’ lessons as they began their new English unit of Play Scripts! The students fully immersed themselves into the characters of different classical tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and the performed to an enthralled audience of their classmates. We have some budding young actors in the year group!

During Maths this week, the students have continued to develop their written methods skills for addition and subtraction and have been applying this to real life problems and multi-step questions. Further to this, the children have been experimenting with evaporation in Science and continued to learn about the fascinating lives of The Ancient Greeks.