The Primary Literacy Week was a tremendous success, with students actively participating in various activities and events centred around storytelling and story writing.

Each day began with engaging literacy activities that sparked curiosity, imagination, and creativity among the students.

During our English lessons, the students delved into the captivating world of storytelling and story writing, using Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk for Writing’ process. They embarked on epic adventures, exploring their class story, learning how to craft their own stories, and bringing them to life through dramatic performances.

Our classroom doors transformed into gateways to the enchanted worlds the students explored through their class stories. A competition was held for the best-decorated doors in both KS1 and KS2. This was a fun and collaborative experience that brought the students' literary dreams to life right at their doorstep!

The Key Stage assemblies were filled with excitement and enthusiasm. In the KS1 assembly, students took the stage, dazzling us with their storytelling skills and participating in a fun challenge as they guessed the 'Masked Storyteller.' In the KS2 assembly, students engaged in a fierce 'Spelling Bee' house competition, earning valuable house points along the way.

To end off our week, all classes embarked on a captivating journey through Primary with the 'Story Walk' adventure! Students explored the door decorations, putting their storytelling detective skills to the test as they guessed the stories behind each door.

We have launched a Story writing competition “Young Authors, Big Adventures!”.

Students can write their own story (this could be based on the ideas from our class story) and hand it in to their class teacher by next Friday 24th November. Stories can be handwritten or typed, and illustrations/pictures are also encouraged. The winners will be announced w/c 27th November during Key Stage assemblies. The stories will be put on our display board for all to read and enjoy.