Maths Week was an extraordinary success at Britannica, captivating students and teachers alike with its diverse range of cross-curricular activities and whole-school initiatives. Students looked fantastic in their mathematics costumes today with artistic ideas shining through.

Throughout the week, primary engaged in various mathematical explorations, leaving no stone unturned. Young minds delved into the world of renowned mathematicians through captivating research projects as well as creating their own mathematics problems for teachers to solve. Excitement filled the air as students embarked on thrilling maths treasure hunts, combining physical activity with critical thinking skills in PE maths morning activities. One remarkable highlight was the creation of unique maths clocks from each class, showing the progression of mathematics through Primary school. Students were able to emphasise their creativity and mathematical prowess. Year 4 and 5 have been involved in a global COBIS mathematics competition and I am delighted to announce that primary placed 2nd in all of China.

Primary assemblies also incorporated maths competitions with students representing their house. KS2 students had the pleasure of teaching a mathematics class to KS1 and EYFS, this was a tremendous success as the students showed their maturity, leadership and understanding. Primary students adorned T-shirts with the digits of Pi and collaborated in a whole school initiative to form an awe-inspiring snake, symbolising the unity and collective efforts of our school community. Maths Week truly demonstrated the power of mathematics to inspire, engage, and unite us all.