It's not always easy to describe in newsletter form the wonderful work that our students do on a daily basis in Mandarin. This time is different, as the many parents who came to watch our fantastic shows this week will already know. It has been a delightful showcase for not just the improvements to our students' spoken (and sung!) Mandarin, but a really heartwarming celebration of Chinese culture in general.

Our Chinese New Year performance began with a traditional dragon dance performed by our Year 5 students, symbolising strength, power, and good luck. Year 4 non-native students, in a Kung Fu performance featuring 哪吒(né zhā), demonstrated the strength and discipline inherent in Chinese martial arts. Adding a touch of humor to the performance, Year 3 students performed 踩到猫了 (cǎi dào māo le), a delightful song that brought giggles and smiles to the audience. Year 2 contributed to the festivities with heartwarming songs 爱你哟 (ài nǐ yō) and 幸福的孩子爱唱歌 (xìngfú de háizi ài chànggē), showcasing not only their linguistic abilities but also their emotional expression through music. The grand finale featured our Year 1 children, who closed the show with the touching song 天天好天 (tiān tiān hǎo tiān), expressing their heartfelt wishes for a happy day every day in the new year.

We extend our gratitude to the students, teachers, and parents who contributed to making this event a great success.

As we enter the Year of the Dragon, we wish the festive spirit of the Chinese New Year bring good fortune, happiness, and prosperity to all our Britannica families.