Key Stage 2 offers an exciting and dynamic educational experience for older Primary students at Britannica. During this transformative stage, children continue to develop their skills, knowledge, and understanding across a wide range of subjects. From strengthening their literacy and numeracy skills to exploring fascinating topics and engaging in hands-on experiments, Year 3, Year 4, and Year 5 students are immersed in a world of discovery and growth. Let's delve into the highlights of their recent activities and witness the remarkable education and development taking place in KS2.

Year 3 Highlights

In Year 3 English, students embarked on a persuasive writing task, planning an argument on why Britannica is the best school in Shanghai. They used the features of persuasive writing learned the previous week to enhance their writing skills and create compelling arguments.

Year 3 mathematicians completed their study of UK money and transitioned to learning how to tell time to five minutes. Some students even wore analogue watches to school, practicing their time-telling skills and becoming more familiar with reading clocks.

Continuing their journey into Ancient Egypt, Year 3 students delved deeper into the gods of Ancient Egypt and their symbolic representations. Through research and exploration, they gained insights into the rich mythology of this ancient civilization.

The focus of Year 3 science was exploring magnet strength. Students conducted hands-on experiments, testing different magnets using paper clips to determine how many they could attract from the table at once. This investigation deepened their understanding of magnetism and its properties.

Year 4 Highlights

Year 4 students dedicated their time to researching facts and writing sentences for their biographies. They eagerly anticipated sharing their biographies with their peers, showcasing their knowledge and honing their writing skills.

Transforming their classrooms into supermarkets, Year 4 mathematicians utilised UK currency to purchase various items. This practical and interactive activity not only consolidated their understanding of money but also provided an opportunity to practice shopping etiquette.

In Year 4's topic studies, cross-curricular connections were made as students created timelines for their chosen world leaders. This engaging project integrated history, research skills, and creativity, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of influential figures.

Year 4 scientists delved into the fascinating realm of animal classification. They learned to identify and classify different animals based on their characteristics, expanding their knowledge of the animal kingdom.

Year 5 Highlights

Year 5 students indulged in the art of crafting their own short scary stories. Through the exploration of symbolism, imagery, suspense, and tension, they created captivating narratives filled with unique characters and "tricky" situations. This exercise allowed them to develop detailed narratives that didn't necessarily end with a "happily ever after."

Year 5 mathematicians sharpened their problem-solving and reasoning skills by tackling challenging mathematical problems. They applied their knowledge and strategies to find solutions, fostering critical thinking and analytical abilities.

Year 5 students delved into the fascinating world of ancient civilizations, exploring their cultures, achievements, and contributions. Through research and interactive activities, they gained insights into the rich histories of these civilizations.

Exploring the principles of forces and motion, Year 5 students investigated concepts such as gravity, friction, and momentum. Through hands-on experiments and observations, they deepened their understanding of how these forces shape our everyday lives.

Across Year 3, Year 4, and Year 5, students have engaging and enriching weeks across various subjects. Their creativity, enthusiasm, and commitment to learning were evident in their classroom activities. These experiences fostered academic growth, critical thinking, and a passion for exploration. As educators, we are excited to witness their progress and look forward to another week of discovery and learning ahead.