Interschool Mathematics Competition

On the 6th and 7th of June, 8 of our students attended an inter-school Mathematics competition at Harrow competing against other schools. 5 of our Year 10s and 3 of our Year 9s attended, making 2 teams of 4 (Hayden, Rachel, Henry, Larysa, Harisha, Oceanus, Ken and Chihiro). They competed against 13 other teams from 7 other international schools from Shanghai. There were 9 rounds in total that varied from The Tires of Hanoi (a giant version of The Towers of Hanoi), to Countdown rounds, building a rollercoaster for marbles, Mind games, Puzzles, and rounds based upon the prestigious UKMT. Our students performed very well and one of our Teams won the Countdown Round, finishing first and receiving a trophy and gold medals for this achievement. Our other team did very well too, finishing 3rd in the Puzzles round and gaining the bronze medals for that round. We were very proud of their achievement, and also, particularly their commitment to miss a day of their holiday to attend the Friday of this event.

Year 6 & 7 Project

With the UEFA European Football Cup having just commenced, our Year 6 & 7s are beginning a Mathematics project following the progress of the competition over the next few weeks. Each group of 3 or 4 students has been given a country and team for them to research and create a weekly poster of. These sets of 3 posters per team will then be judged by teachers in a vote to decide the winning teams. The posters will include things such as population size and densities, representation of their teams historical data in reaching the competition, averages of their squads (such as height, weight, assists, goals, caps etc). The aim of the project is to have them apply the Mathematics skills they have learnt this year in a real life context and to also get the students excited about the ongoing tournament.