The focus on Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education (PSHEE) or 'Circle Time' has played a significant role in the children's development here at Britannica. It is of utmost importance to recognise the vital role of PSHEE within our Primary curriculum, as it is intricately woven into our Britannica's values of Excellence, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, and Compassion. PSHEE goes beyond discrete lessons; it is a fundamental part of our everyday practice. By nurturing these values, PSHEE helps children develop essential social skills and provides them with a strong foundation for personal growth.

In Year 1, our PSHEE curriculum offers engaging and invaluable learning experiences. We cover age-appropriate topics such as fire safety, equality, and world cultures, instilling a well-rounded understanding of vital life skills. Lessons on fire safety equip our students with essential knowledge on how to stay safe in emergency situations, emphasizing the importance of preventative measures and responsible behaviour. Exploring equality fosters inclusivity and respect, encouraging our young learners to embrace diversity and challenge stereotypes. Moreover, our focus on culture nurtures an appreciation for different traditions, customs, and beliefs, fostering a sense of global citizenship.

Year 2 engages in primary PSHEE lessons that revolve around building and nurturing friendships, while also recognizing the positive contributions each student brings to our school community. This can take the form of written messages, verbal communication, or peer assessment of each other's learning. Taking a broader perspective, we explore the concept of Global Citizenship and engage in discussions about current topics that hold significance for us both within the school and in the wider world. We aim to develop a 'What's in the news today?' board, where we can share our interests and discoveries, focusing on personal development and cultivating compassionate citizenship.

A key focus for Year 3 is fostering healthy habits and making informed, positive choices. Through engaging discussions and activities, we delve into the significant impact that food, sleep, and exercise have on our overall physical and mental well-being. Additionally, we devote time to understanding the concept of responsibility and how it evolves as we grow older. Our students gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of personal accountability and the power of the choices we make. We emphasize the need to prioritize our safety and well-being by making informed decisions. Recent lessons have explored the notion of risks and how to navigate both familiar and unfamiliar environments safely. Our students actively participate in thought-provoking conversations about strangers and identifying safer adults. Equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills, we aim to empower our young learners to make wise choices and protect themselves.

During the Autumn term PSHEE lessons, Year 4 first familiarized themselves with the Britannica values through activities such as discussing different scenario cards and even creating PowerPoint presentations. We consolidate the children's already high awareness of playing nicely at playtimes by covering topics such as regulating emotions and promoting inclusiveness. As we move into the Spring term, we embark on our topic surrounding Growth Mindset. Our students learn about how they learn and have the opportunity to teach a skill to the rest of the class. They even visit Year 2 to teach an activity they have planned. Currently, we engage in meaningful conversations by watching short animations that prompt discussions on pertinent issues such as tolerance and what we consider valuable.

Finally, our Year 5 students have been actively working on setting goals for themselves, both academically and personally. Through this process, they reflect on what they aspire to be when they are older, considering their own hopes and dreams for the future. Additionally, Year 5 students evaluate how others perceive and see them, paying close attention to first impressions as they prepare to transition to Year 6. They contemplate how they view themselves and consider how their actions and choices impact their journey towards becoming the best versions of themselves.