As we come to the end of our Spring term, we are delighted to share the incredible progress and achievements made by our students across all year groups here in Primary. It has been a term filled with growth, learning, and exciting adventures, and we are immensely proud of the high attainment demonstrated by our students.

Academic Excellence:
The end of term results speak volumes about the dedication and hard work of our students. Each year group has shown remarkable progress, and their achievements reflect the commitment of our teachers and the support of our wonderful parents. We congratulate all our students for their continuous efforts and commend them for their outstanding academic performance.

Enriching Experiences:
This term has been full of enriching experiences as our students embarked on various school trips that brought their learning to life. Our young learners had the opportunity to visit the fascinating Chocolate Factory, where they discovered the magical journey from cocoa bean to chocolate bar. The Sculpture Park trip ignited their creativity and imagination, allowing them to explore and appreciate magnificent works of art. Additionally, our students were mesmerised by the wonders of science and nature at the Neo Bio Museum, fostering a love for the world around them.

Year 1's Triumph to finish our term:
In Year 1, our talented students recreated the historic event of the Great Fire of London as part of their topic study. With ingenuity and enthusiasm, they constructed a miniature city, meticulously replicating the architecture of the time. The highlight of their project was a dramatic reenactment of the fire, where they skillfully burned down their model city, leaving only St. Paul's Cathedral standing, just as it did in history. This immersive experience allowed our young historians to deepen their understanding of this significant event and appreciate the resilience of Londoners.