Careers event

Last week we saw our senior school students from Year 9 – 13 take part in a careers event featuring some guest speakers from outside of school. Students were able to hear in-depth experiences and guidance on working across a variety of different industries, such as Accountancy, HR, Consultancy and Physiotherapy. It was great to see the students engaging with the speakers with some insightful questions about their career paths, challenges of their working environment and the importance of higher education choices.

KS3 Geography

Year 6 and 7 this term are currently exploring place-based learning in Geography. Year 6 are learning all about China and the relationship between physical and human geography in answering some key questions around why so many people in China live in such a small area of the country, as well as both the opportunities and challenges of living in a megacity such as Shanghai. Year 7 are studying Africa, with a particular focus on debunking misconceptions about Africa and enriching their understanding of the diversity of the African continent. Year 8 and 9 are exploring the physical processes that shape our world through hydrology. Year 8 have been exploring the journey the river takes from source to mouth, and how human activity can both harness and disrupt the fine balance between different processes. Year 9 are focusing on the changing coastlines to help explain why coastlines around the world behave differently, with a detailed focus on being able to clearly demonstrate the different roles that erosion, transportation and deposition play in shaping the coast.

University Applications

Our Year 13 students have completed their UK university applications and have already received several offers. Our students have been offered places at universities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Westminster and Coventry. Well done to these students!

Our Year 12 students are now starting their applications. This will involve the selection of courses and universities, the writing of personal statements and the completion of work experience. It is vital that the students take an active role in their applications from the start, if they want to achieve the best outcomes for themselves.