This week Early Years have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Storytelling Week, which had a captivating theme centered around Greek Myths and Legends.

Storytelling is a crucial element in language development, and we witnessed the children’s enthusiasm firsthand. In Pre-Nursery and Nursery, the children embarked on an exciting learning journey about Arachne, the master weaver from Greek mythology. Their enthusiasm was infectious as they joyfully explored the art of weaving. Through this process, they carefully created intricate patterns, while also beautifully crafting lines and circles, representing spiders. These activities provided a wonderful opportunity for them to develop their fine motor skills and express their creativity.

Reception took storytelling to new heights as they innovated their class stories. Instead of the traditional tale of King Midas and his golden touch, they contemplated what they would wish for, and their ideas turned the story into a delightful twist. Imagine everything turning into chocolate or unicorns! It was wonderful to observe the children as they thought creatively and expressed their unique ideas.

To celebrate our successful Storytelling Week, next week we will hold a Mini Olympics which will provide our children with an opportunity to engage in physical activities while allowing for development of teamwork skills and an opportunity for children to celebrate their accomplishments.

At Britannica, we believe in creating a holistic learning experience for our students, nurturing their imagination, and promoting their overall development. The Greek Myths and Legends-themed Storytelling Week has been a wonderful success, fostering language skills, creativity and a love for storytelling.