Maths: It has been a busy start to the year for the mathematicians of Britannica Shanghai. Key Stage 3 have been building various mathematical fundamentals, but also challenging themselves by taking on the problem solving extension tasks posted outside the Maths department. In Key Stage 4 the journey through the IGCSE course begins for Year 10, and continues for Year 11, who this week were discovering new ways of expressing numbers through Set notation. Meanwhile the 6th formers are charging through the A level topics, with both groups honing their algebraic skills as they improve their understanding of the mysteries of pure mathematics.

Christoph Cox
Head of Mathematics

Art: Over the past two weeks in the art classroom the students have been working on essay writing and analysing art pieces. They have been introduced to art language and practiced analysing work using the elements and principles of art. The students did a drawing activity to help build their confidence in sketching and look at how perception and drawing from observation changes the quality of an artwork. First they drew butterflies from their imagination, then from observation. We compared the difference between drawing from observation and drawing from imagination and discussed how the brain will fill in blanks inaccurately. The students saw the improvement that came from observation. Thereafter students drew a third butterfly from observation following instructions on how to improve their drawing. This not only improved they work but also proved that anyone can draw beautifully with some perception and a little bit of instruction.

Ineke Oosthuizen
Head of Art