The cycle of receiving and responding to feedback is among the most important aspects of a student’s education. By understanding how their work can be better and acting to make their work better, the overall ability of the student improves over time. This is very much true in History. To succeed as a Historian, our students are asked to develop their reasoning and writing skills. Feedback is the vital component that makes this development possible.

In their History lesson this week, our wonderful Year 9 students received feedback on their most recent written assignment. Our current topic is the First World War. This conflict defined the Twentieth Century and continues to shape our world to this day. In their assignments, the students were asked to explain why the First World War began. This is a huge and complex question to answer! Our students produced good answers, but there was still plenty that could be improved. Feedback was added to the students’ work, and they were given time in class to respond. They corrected mistakes and expanded their explanations, making their work better than it had been before. This ongoing process will ensure that our Year 9s are well-prepared for their GCSE

Christopher Davis
Head of Sixth Form
Head of Humanities