Despite the rainy weather, our learning environment has been filled with engaging and enriching activities.

This week, Pre-Nursery class further discovered the vibrant book ‘Hooray for Fish!’ They identified 2D shapes like circles, triangles and rectangles within the illustrations.

In Nursery, the children have embarked on an exciting journey to explore the diverse oceans of the world. They have been fascinated by the tales of sea creatures and underwater landscapes, sparking their natural curiosity. In the Creative Corner, they have been designing and building unique sandcastles, allowing them to express their imagination and hone their fine motor skills. Everyone came up with a unique design involving seashells, flags and stars!

Meanwhile, in Reception, the children have continued their exploration of the story, ‘The Gruffalo,’ this time focusing on different character perspectives. In Mathematics, they have been applying their knowledge of number in practical and engaging ways.

As we look ahead, the children are eagerly anticipating a special school transition day next Tuesday, where they will have the opportunity to spend the day in their new classroom environment, preparing for the exciting journey that lies ahead.